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Partech Water Quality Analysis

partech-sludge-blanket-portable-lr Sludgewatch Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket monitor
The comprehensive SludgeWatch range goes from the delightfully straitforward portable 715 to the fully featured Ultra.  Choice of infrared and ultrasonic operating principles as well as fixed point and continuous monitors are featured within the range.
The 8100 monitor adheres to the 'keep it simple' philosophy, providing a high blanket alarm that is ideal for triggering an auto-sludge sequence or for altering operations staff for the need to attention.  Maintenance is exceptionally easy and can easily be included in general site housekeeping measures.  When more sophisticated control is required, the ASLD2200 and Ultra products are ideal, providing a continuous reading of the depth of the sludge blanket, allowing tank balancing and variable pumping speeds during de-sludging.

Use of these sludge blanket monitors will help improve sludge and effluent quality and will allow effective control of returned activated sludge.

Downloads:   SludgeWatch 715 Portable   
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Partech Turbitech Turbitech - Low Range Turbidity Sensor/Transmitter
The TurbiTechw LR Sensor has been The TurbiTechw  LR Sensor has been specifically designed to monitor final  treated, portable and filter water. The sensor is extremely sensitive and is capable of discriminating changes in Turbidity of less than 0.1 FTU. The 90° light scatter monitoring technique makes the sensor sensitive to a wide range of particle  sizes, from colloidal material through to larger particles and raw waters and the large  mineral particles sometimes found in distribution samples.

The unique sensor design captures stray light which ensures an ultra stable zero point, this is combined with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that prevent the build up of fouling within the sample chamber. The measurement system includes a self changes in optical performance. De-Bubbler monitoring loop that compensates for COMPATIBLE MONITOR 2 7300w  Monitor. The sensor requires very little maintenance, with no special tools or training required.

Calibration can be carried out against either a wet Turbidity standard or using the dry calibration reference cell that is supplied with every sensor. The reference cell provide an extremely easy, repeatable method of checking the performance of the sensor without the cost and inherent errors associated with chemical standards.

Downloads:   Turbitechw2 Low Range Turbidity Sensor   
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7300 monitor 7300w2 Turbitech Monitor
The 7300w Monitor is the core to the WaterWatch product range. The monitor is designed to interface with all the sensors in the WaterWatch  range. The starting specification provides all the connections required for 1 or 2 sensors and systems can be expanded by the use of expansion boxes to include multiple sensors. The maximum number of sensors will be limited by the practicalities of most sites. We anticipate 8 being a sensible maximum although many more can be accommodated de-sludging.

Combining sensors provides a very cost effective way of simultaneously monitoring parameters such as Dissolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids in an Activated Sludge Plant, or pH and Turbidity at a treatment works outfall where the sensors can be located close together.

Installations can be expanded in the future if extra measurement points or parameters are required, the monitor will not need to be replaced simply add the extra hardware and re-configure the settings. 

The advanced serial communication between the monitor and sensors mean the calibration and configuration data can be preserved if either part is replaced and can be copied from sensor to sensor further reducing the time required for configuration and for maintenance.  The user interface on the monitor is highly intuitive, making setup and operation straightforward to carry out. This saves time and avoids the need for specialist training, most commands are self explanatory and intuitive. 

Downloads:   7300w2 Monitor for WaterWatch   
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740 Portable SSolids Portable Suspended Solids Monitor & Soli-Tech 10 Sensor
The 740 Monitor provides, quick and accurate readings of Suspended Solids, Sludge Blanket Level, and Turbidity, via an intuitive menu structure from a totally portable package. The robust IP65 enclosure incorporates a security strap and protective case to prevent accidental dropping, impact damage and abrasion of the display surface. The display itself is a high contrast LCD that has been designed to work over a wide temperature range with no loss of clarity. A rugged carrying case holds the above, together with the measuring probe,  cable, battery charger and instruction manual.

The 740 Monitor includes capability for up to ten customer programmed user profiles, each defined by site specific calibrations to cater for differences in the effluents being monitored. A retrospective adjustment to Multiple sites with one monitor the calibration for each site is also possible via a unique menu facility that enables a specific sensor output to be stored in memory at the same time as a liquid sample is taken. The gravimetric analysis of the suspended solids level in the sample is then returned to the monitor as the final calibration figure. Further site calibration enhancement is afforded by the ten-point look up table, that allows the monitor to accurately measure suspended solids in vast majority of applications.

Carry Bag is included.

Downloads:   Portable Suspended Solids Meter    
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