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HD 2003 HD 2003 Ultrasonic Anemometer
The HD 2003 is a static anemometer for measuring the speed and direction of wind, air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Wind speed and direction, U-V-W Cartesian Components of speed, sound speed, sonic temperature. Five analog outputs in different voltage and current, different ranges. Communication software for bi-directional links for net connection of different anemometers, interfaces available RS-232 and RS-485. Different measuring units and average periods are available. Ultrasonic transducers heating as optional. 12..30 Vdc power supply, 120mA consumption at 15Vdc. To be mounted on a mast diam.33mm. Connector included.

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HD2103 HD 2013 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
The HD 2013 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, built entirely from corrosion resistant materials in order to guarantee its durability. So as to ensure accurate measurement even with low temperature climatic conditions or during and after precipitations of snow, a version with a heater which is automatically activated around +4°C has been developed so that snow deposits and ice formations are prevented. The rain gauge is formed by a metal base on which a tipping bucket is set. The rain collector cone, fixed to the aluminium cylinder, channels the water inside the tipping bucket: once the predefined level is reached, the calibrated bucket rotates under the action of its own weight, discharging the water. During the rotation phase, the usually closed reed contact opens for a fraction of a second, sending an impulse to the counter.

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HD4V8T HD 4V8T   Barometric Pressure Transmitter
The HD 4V8Tis a  wall mount barometric pressure transmitter for indoor use, with 0….1V DC analog output. Measuring range 600…1100 mBar. Power supply 10…40V DC. Working temperature -30°C…60°C.

Technical specifications:
Type of sensor: Piezo resistive
Measuring range: 600…1100 mBar
Analog output: 0…1V DC
Accuracy: ±0.5 mBar, @ 20°C
Temperature drift: <1% F.S zero, <1% F.S span from -20°C…+60°C
Long term stability: <0.25% F.S at 6 months at 20°C
Settling time: 1 sec  for 99% of measured value
Response time: <200ms after pressure stabilisation
Power Supply: 10…40V DC
Current supply: <4mA
Operating temperature: -30…60°C
Compatibility: Dry air and gasses, non corrosive
Overpressure: 2 Bar
Dimensions: 65mm x 58mm x 35mm

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HD9008 HD 9008  Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
The HD9008TRR and HD9009TRR are single block RH and temperature microprocessor transmitters, temperature configurable. The HD9008TRR is a passive transmitter with a 4…20mA output and 10…30Vdc power supply; the HD9009TRR is a transmitter with a 0…1V standard voltage output (other outputs available on demand) and 5…35Vdc power supply. Sensors are mounted at the end of a plastic tube: a capacitive humidity sensor and a Platinum temperature sensor (100Ω @0°C). The instrument can be reprogrammed by means of a key, and no jumper or potentiometer actions are required. The humidity input can be recalibrated by using two saturated solutions: the first one at 75%, the second one at 33%; the 0%RH…100%RH relative humidity range is fixed, 4mA (or 0Vdc) correspond to 0%RH, 20mA (or 1Vdc) equal 100%RH. Temperature standard configuration is -40…+80°C for the HD9008TRR and for the HD9009TRR, corresponding to 4…20mA and 0…1Vdc, respectively. The user can configure the temperature output in ranges different from the standard one by means of a Pt100 simulator or of a set of fixed resistances, provided that it is included in the -40°C…+80°C range with a minimum amplitude of 25°C.

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