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DM700 DM700 Loop Powered 4 Digit LED Digital Indicator
The DM700 is a Loop Powered Indicator which incorporates a high efficiency LED display. Designed for use
with our SCH4 heads, the units are sealed to IP67. ATEX versions are available for use in hazardous areas
using the SCH4 head.
The unit is microprocessor based. Set up is achieved by means of three push buttons located on the
underside of the module following a simple menu structure. This device can have a number of standard
linearisations applied, such as square root, or a custom characteristic can be entered.

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DM3400 DM3400 Series Digital Indicators
The DM3400 series uses proven technology to accept all commonly used temperature or process inputs. Engineering units are displayed on a high efficiency Red LED display that provides excellent readability. The DM3410 takes inputs directly from Pt100 or Thermocouple sensors for Temperature indication. The DM3420 current and voltage for Process indication. The DM3420 also has a transmitter power supply built in for excitation of 2 wire (4 to 20) mA process transmitters. The highly innovative case design enables output option ‘Pods’ to be easily installed without the need for dismantling or recalibration.
Pod modules are available covering:
POD-02 2 x Relay outputs
POD-03 Active or Passive Isolated re-transmission ((0 to 10) mA, (0 to 20) mA, (4 to 20) mA)

Downloads:   Data Sheet    (Click on manufacturers logo for detail on this product and similar products)

DM3600 DM3600 Intelligent Digital 6 Digit Panel Indicator 
The DM3600 is an intelligent digital panel meter that can accept inputs from a wide variety of sensors and display the signal digitally. In addition, it has the facility to accept up to two option ‘Pods’ which can be either isolated (4 to 20) mA re-transmission or two alarm relays. The DM3600 is available in two models. The DM3600U which is a universal input panel indicator and the DM3600A, a universal panel indicator with totaliser functions. All functions are programmable via the integral front panel keys or via the optional RS485 serial communications port using the Modbus protocol. The DM3600A totaliser function enables non-volatile storage of the integrated total to be maintained within the unit, even after loss of power. Output options can be selected to operate on Process Variable (PV) or Total.

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DM4500 DM4500 Load Cell, Potentiometer, Process & Temperature Digital Panel Indicator

The DM4500 accepts various types of sensors including Load Cell, Pt100, Thermocouple, Potentiometer and Process current or voltage enabling the DM4500 to be used in a wide variety of applications. Output options are provided that include NPN / PNP, 2 or 4 relays, current / voltage and RS485 comms. The unit can be fully programmed from the front panel buttons or via the RS485 comms option. All parameters can be entered by pressing combinations of the three sealed front panel keys through a series of menus in helpful mnemonics or via the optional communications port. The display can be programmed to read in three different colours and two levels of brightness. Red, Green and Orange. Colours can be programmed in a variety of different ways. For example alarm, normal running or high scale can be displayed in different colours.

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