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Betagauge 330 BetaGauge 330 Pressure Calibrator
The BetaGauge 330 hand held pressure calibrator with integral electric pressure pump. A Pt100 RTD input is provided for temperature measurements accurate to ±0.1 °C (0.2 °F). In addition, the BetaGauge 330 measures and simulates 4-20 mA loop current signals. It can measure up to 30 VDC. An internal 24 VDC Instrument Power Supply supplies power to a transmitter under test. The calibrator provides a number of convenience features. Switch test can be performed on internal or external pressure input. Percent (%) Error and damping functions are provided. Up to five frequently used setups can be stored and retrieved with one button recall. The compact, rugged design operates on eight (8) standard AA Alkaline batteries. Due to the power saving designs incorporated in the BetaGauge 330, it can perform approximately 300 calibration cycles to 150 PSI on one set of batteries.

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BetaGauge PI Pro BetaGauge PI PRO Digital Pressure Gauge
The BetaGauge PI PRO pressure calibration gauge takes the concept of an analog Test Gauge, and brings it to a new level, as only MARTEL can do. The calibration gauge combines the accuracy of digital technology with the simplicity of an analog gauge, and achieves performance, ease-of-use, and a feature set unmatched in the pressure measurement world. Setup of the pressure calibration gauge is fast and straightforward, through a menu-driven display, with minimal text, and intuitive functions, that is simple enough to allow the digital test gauge to be used anywhere in the world, without the need for multilingual displays.

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