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LC-110 LC-110H LC-110 and LC-110H Current Loop Calibrator
The Martel LC-110 and LC-110H are mA loop calibrators designed to take the loop calibrator class to the next level. The new LC-110 series feature a user friendly interface with dedicated buttons and a rotary encoder (Quick-Set Knob). This combination drastically reduces the time it takes to measure, simulate, or source both voltage and current and power up a loop. The rugged ABS plastic case is contoured to easily fit a technician’s hand and the large back lit graphics LCD is best in class. The LC-110H differs from the standard LC-110 in that it incorporates HART communications and supports a select set of the HART universal and common practice commands. This unique feature allows the LC-110H to be used as both a loop calibrator and communication tool.

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MC-1010 MC-1010 Process Calibrator
The MC-1010 process calibrator provides high accuracy functionality. This single calibration instrument will calibrate virtually any process device including: read and source thermocouples, RTDs, Ohms, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Pressure, and test continuity. By adding a connector or adapter to the process calibrator makes it compatible with 29 different Fluke® 700 Series and Beta Calibrator pressure modules. The process calibrator features a simple user interface, large display, and an RS232 serial interface.

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MC-1210 MC-1210 Multi Function Calibrator
The MC-1210 multi function calibrator provides the functions and accuracy associated with fixed-installation, laboratory instrument, and has everything needed for virtually any calibration tasks. Measure and source thermocouples, RTDs, current, voltage, and frequency, and source pulse trains. A communications port compatible with both Fluke® 700 Series and Beta Calibrators pressure modules is provided, as is an isolated mA/V read-back circuit. Arrow keys, direct numeric keypad entry, and three software driven function buttons, plus a large backlit, menu-driven graphics display combine to provide a highly intuitive, simple yet powerful operator interface. Built-in 250 Ohm resistor for HART compatibility, compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs, full fuseless protection, are just some of the additional features that make the process calibrator the single most indispensable tool available for virtually any calibration task. This multifunction calibrator is supplied in a tough, rubber boot; a carrying case is also available as an option.

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