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Visit our stand at the NZ Safety Exhibition
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The National Safety Show is the largest event in New Zealand dedicated to workplace safety and provides the opportunity to explore new products, services and innovations from the safety industry.
Instrumatics in conjunction with Crowcon gas detection will be presenting a full range of solutions to ensure the safety of staff from poisonous and flammable gases. Products will range from personal monitors for confined space entry, through to fixed systems for process areas.

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VEGA PULS64 - The future is 80 GHz


Always reliable measurement, even with buildup and deposits

For the latest generation of radars, condensate on the sensor is not an issue.  Totally unaffected by condensation or buildup on the antenna, VEGAPULS 64 accurately detects the liquid level.  With the smallest antenna of its kind and exceptionally focusing, it delivers outstanding performance every time.  Simply world-class!

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View a range of  online videos which introduce 80 GHz here


Crowcon Launches T4 for confined spaces

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Personal protection solution for detecting the four most common gas hazards

Offering you compliance, robustness and low cost of ownership in a simple to use solution.  The large single button and intuitive menu system allows the T4 to be operated wearing gloves with minimal training.

Crowcon's toughest portable yet, the T4 is durable by design and includes an integrated rubber boot as standard.  An optional clip-on filter cover, which is easily removed and replaced, ensures sensors are protected in the dirtiest environments.  Drop-tested to 4-meters, well protected from water ingress through IP65 and IP67 certification, in addition to ATEX, Zone-0 approved, T4 allows uninterrupted working in the most demanding environments.

T4 contains a wide range of powerful features to make everyday use easier and safer.  Visit the website for more detailed information:
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Focusing on the Essential

VEGA presents the VEGAPULS 69 which comes a good deal closer to the ideal of an all-round radar measuring instrument for bulk solids. The level measuring instrument operates with a frequency of 79 GHz. This enables a much better focusing of the transmission signal. Especially in vessels and silos with many installations, the good focusing helps to reduce the influence of false signals considerably.
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With new microwave components, even the slightest reflection signals can be measured. Products with poor reflection properties which were previously difficult to measure, such as plastic powders or wood chips, can now be measured reliably.  With a measuring range up to 120 m and an accuracy of ±5 mm it has enough power reserves even for unusual assignments such as in mine shafts or for distance measurement in conveyor systems.
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To make set-up and commissioning easier, an intelligent app for smartphones has been developed. It allows quick and easy alignment of the sensor on a swivelling holder.

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Crowcon Launches PID Portable gas detector

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Five-gas Monitor that utilises the Photo ionisation detection technology

Gas-Pro PID gives you full flexibility with a wide range of gas types to choose from. With an optional pump, the Gas-Pro PID is the perfect product addressing the requirements of a wide range of applications.

Gas-Pro PID utilises the Photo Ionization Detection technology to allow you to detect hundreds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). If you are working in an environment that is high in levels of solvents, glues, paints and general VOCs, the Gas-Pro PID will monitor your safety. With its dual-coloured display, the monitor will alert the user with its 95db audible alarm and its dual-coloured visual alarm bars.

PID Technology

Crowcon's PID works with a 10.6 electron volt lamp. This sensor is the most stable sensor on the market and offers the detection of a wide range of VOCs. The sensor has an internal UV light source, which the gas sample passes through. An electron is released for gases with an ionization potential of 10.6.

Top mount display which makes it easy to read for quick decision making
Ergonomically designed
Monitors 5 gases from many different options
PID correction factor - set to target VOCs
Broad range PID which detects hundreds of gases
+ve Safety™ giving a quick and easy tri-colour status indication
Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP66
youtube-icon-sml  View the Product Launch Video here (2-minute video)

pdf-icon-thumbData Sheet 


Gas Detection - National Installation

A National company supplying valuable chemicals to the Agriculture industry insisted that staff throughout their business be protected against gases which could cause them harm.  The main areas of concern were laboratories, storage areas and work administration areas.  Instrumatics was commissioned to supply and calibrate systems in various buildings throughout New Zealand (as far North as Whangarei, through to Invercargill).

The risks of oxygen depleted or carbon dioxide enriched atmospheres are ultimately fatal, with significant physiological effects if personnel are exposed even for short periods or to low levels.  Determining if such systems are required is a process of calculation and risk assessment - Instrumatics provided investigation information to ensure all areas offered monitoring that was sufficient to keep personnel safe.

All industries should be aware of the dangers of oxygen depletion.  Research laboratories, car parks, contaminated land sites, swimming pools and hospitals should pay careful attention to oxygen and other gas levels.

In addition to initial supply and commissioning, Instrumatics offers free site surveys (with no obligation), risk assessments, alarm call receiving, maintenance, hardware installation and calibration.  Instrumatics also services existing equipment, both on-site and portable detectors - virtually every brand can be repaired or calibrated by dedicated technicians.


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VEGA Vibrating Level Switch with Massive temperature range


VEGASWING 66 is a world first. It extends the product portfolio of VEGA by a vibrating level switch for liquids. It switches reliably in application with process temperature from -196 °C to +450 °C and pressure from 0 to160 bar.
The application range of VEGASWING 66 extends from distillation columns in the oil and gas industry, to high and low water limits in steam boilers, to cryogenic applications in gas tanks for LNG and nitrogen.


New HART Calibrator from Martel

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Martel’s LC-110H loop calibrator with HART interface provides a revolutionary tool to speak HART, but users asked for more. They wanted to be able to do more with the HART interface than was originally available. So, Martel listened and answered with added capabilities that make the LC-110H more useful and versatile.
HART technology itself revolutionized process instrumentation by putting more capabilities into every transmitter. This update to the LC-110H not only allows technicians access to that information - the digital guts of every HART transmitter, but do more with that information.
The familiar, fast and functional user experience hasn’t changed. The LC-110H has the familiar rotating knob style of operation.  A Quick-Set™ click of the knob is all it takes to select a feature.
Fast; the digital LC-110H, can make real time adjustments where the transmitter output tracks the rotation of the knob!
The NEW functions mean it edits both LONG and SHORT TAGs, edits MESSAGE and DESCRIPTOR fields and selects the PV unit for most commonly used transmitters. The previous ability to read PV; trim analogue output; adjust LRV and URV; perform PV ZERO and download and store transmitter configurations is there, too. With the optional BetaLOG HART software application, it even does sophisticated digital / analogue hybrid data logging.  The LC-110H with the new capabilities is shipping now.
The list of calibrator features for the LC-110H and its virtual twin the LC-110 is equally impressive. Accuracy is a best-in-class ±0.01% of reading for DC current and voltage. The display is a highly readable ClearBrite™ black on white back lit LCD.
You can fire up a transmitter with the 24 VDC instrument power supply. There’s great battery life using 6 AAA batteries. The 250Ω HART load resistor is built-in and can be switched on or off by the user.
User features include auto stepping and ramping, Martel’s selected decade knob control for the output, valve test function and auto-shutdown to preserve battery life.
The LC-110(H) ergonomics are world-class, too. It’s small enough to be operated with one hand and weighs less than a cup of coffee.   Best of all, because it’s a calibrator and easy to carry around, it will be right in the technician’s toolbox on the job when it’s needed and will get access to the HART information to get the job done.


All VEGA Radar, Guided Radar, Capacitive and Vibrating Switches are available certified IEC Dust EX 


The International Electrotechnical Commission, short: IEC is an international standization committee for electrotechnical and electronics standards situated in Geneva. Some standards are developed together with ISO.
The IEC consists of members, so called national committees (NC). Each NC represents the national electrotechnical interests in the IEC. Members are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and providers, consumers and users, all levels of governmental authorities, professional institutions and trade assiciations as well as developers of national standards bodies.
VEGA has invested countless resources into provding this standard for key instrumentation throughout the range.
View the Certification Guide Here
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PULS 67 VIB 61 WAVE 61


Instrumatics is a supplier of quality field instrumentation, offering a wide range of technology and more than 35 years in the business.
Our dedicated team of experienced engineers are able to specify appropriate instrumentation for given requirements.






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